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I write about AI


Hello everyone and welcome!

I finally have my own website about AI and Web 3 (crypto).

I’ve been into tech for a long time, especially building websites. I’ve dabbled in many aspects of a project: graphics to PHP programming to Linux servers. This time I decided to focus on LLMs and Web 3 since they’ve been my main obsession lately. Both are new technologies.

So, what’s on the site? I’ve got the latest AI industry news and my deep dives into LLMs, chatbots and other AI stuff. I’m also putting together how-tos and guides on things I’ve figured out, like creating good prompts or finding the best libraries for building AI agents.

I’ll also chime in on the philosophical, psychological and sociological aspects of the AI revolution. Where we’re going and how the world is changing with this stuff.

Site is still under construction, so hang tight for improvements.

Latest Publication
Odyssey: ‘Hollywood-grade’ AI Video Generation Platform in the Making

Jeff Hawke introduces OdysseyML, a cutting-edge visual AI technology inspired by autonomous vehicle advancements, set to revolutionize movie, TV, and video game production with Hollywood-grade outputs and unprecedented creative control.

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dreammachine aifilmmaking
Short Luma Dream Machine Video from 3 Images as Keyframes

Example of making a short video with smooth transitions from just 3 images used as keyframes. Text prompts enhance prompt option.

15 Jul 2024 #dreammachine   #aifilmmaking

Former OpenAI Staff Claim Company Used Illegal NDAs

Whistleblowers have accused OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, of using illegal non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that prevented employees from speaking out about safety risks related to their AI technology.

14 Jul 2024 #openai

Generative AI Music Companies Getting Sued

Three major music companies — Sony Music, Warner Music Group, and Universal Music Group — sued AI music firms Suno and Udio for massive copyright infringement, accusing them of using copyrighted sound recordings to train their AI models.

14 Jul 2024 #udio

Reasoners: GPT-5 Details Are Revealed

OpenAI believes it's close to achieving GPT-5 capable of human-level problem-solving at the level of PhD.

12 Jul 2024 #openai

Luma Dream Machine Prompt Examples

Struggling to come up with creative ideas for your next LumaLabs video? Here is a bunch of inspiring Lumalabs Dream Machine prompts to create amazing videos with.

11 Jul 2024 #dreammachine

Doodle to AI Art with Midjourney

How to use Midjourney to breathe life into your doodles, creating imaginative digital art or lifelike photographs. Step by step guide with prompts to turn sketches into AI art.

9 Jul 2024 #midjourney

RouteLLM: Cost-Effective AI Query Routing with Near GPT-4 Quality

RouteLLM is an open-source framework designed for cost-effective LLM routing, enabling high-quality AI performance at a significantly reduced cost.

9 Jul 2024

elevenlabs voice
Elevenlabs Releases AI Voice Isolator

AI voice startup drops its new product, the voice isolator, using which you can now isolate speech and remove all that pesky background noise.

6 Jul 2024 #elevenlabs   #voice